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    Sahara Wellness is the place to go for the prices without a doubt. They seem like they have a great connection with their growers and offer really great prices for really good strains of bud.

    With $35.00 you can leave with a really good eighth of Blueberry or for a couple more bucks, some O.G. Kush which is a classic strain. It’s staple specials like these that set a great dispensary apart from an ok one.

    With that being said, it’s still very easy to spend serious cash at SW because they obviously offer top shelf strains and edibles, and oils, etc…they even knock off a dollar if you bring your own zip-lock.

    The only negative thing I can really say about SW is their parking situation is a nightmare. There’s simply not enough room on their tiny corner lot to accommodate the customers and I have driven off down to Releaf because of it because I didn’t want to chance my car being towed. Other than that, the employees are always down to earth and knowledgeable/helpful.

    +: Great value, weekly strain specials (very cool), helpful employees, in and out quickly, good hours.

    -: Parking and exterior of location can leave the customer with a bad impression on the wrong nights. Pick your battles.

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