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    todd w.

    The first thing I noticed about Jardin was the hip hop music blaring out of the building and onto the sidewalk, I don’t really appreciate reinforcing stereotypes but apparently this owner does. It’s an obvious attempt to seem current and cool but to me it doesn’t work. I prefer a clean atmosphere where I can actually speak to the person in front of me, not in between Lil Wayne lyrics. Like I said just not my thing.

    The second thing that I noticed about the place (besides the secret wall leading into the main sales area) is a lack of specials. The only sativa offered on the menu at the time of my visit was only available at 20 dollar grams. I asked the employee what was good and at a reasonable price which she told me was an eighth at around $50.00 which I thought was steep and with no local discount.

    After deciding that I would go this route, she informs me that it will actually be almost $10.00 more and that she made a mistake in pricing. I suppose it was better strain from the top shelf. Anyways I told her that she literally just told me a way cheaper price and asked he she could honor it or offer a local discount to which she replied no. I left immediately after and haven’t returned since.

    Jardin is by far the worst dispensary I have experienced yet in Vegas. The employee that I spoke with wasn’t particularly knowledgeable or polite. The atmosphere is that of an after-party in a cheap club. I suggest Sahara Wellness, ReLeaf, or Piso’s for a better experience in general and more bang for you buck.

    Things Jardin can do to get up to par:

    Daily & Weekly Specials, kill the club music, hire knowledgeable and friendly employees that can work with customers. Local discounts.

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