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    todd w.

    I think BJC sits right in the middle of 3 and 4 stars for a couple of reasons. The first main reason Blackjack can’t be at least 4 stars is the fact that their inventory is lacking. When shopping for new strains, I like either A) going in and getting what is supposed to be there or B) in the event what I’m looking for isn’t there, many more options should be available.
    On my first visit to Blackjack neither one of these things were immediately apparent. I went in thinking Diablo OG would be available as per their menu and when it wasn’t only had a couple of strains to pick from. (There were literally only 5 strains to pick from at the time as far as flower goes with half of that selection only available in grams at a time.)
    Once I settled on another pick, I was told it wasn’t available at an eighth and left with a sampler pack pretty much just grabbing a couple of different strains.
    I didn’t want to leave empty handed and the budtender was going above and beyond to make things right. So I grabbed up the Biker OG, White OG, and Asteroids with a pre-roll of Diablo thrown in. It can’t be said enough if BJC had the same budtenders other dispensaries are employing (rude, think they’re seewww keewwwl) this review would’ve went another way but if they keep hiring people like Doran and work on their inventory issues, this dispensary could be that hidden little spot on the seedy side of town for you. I think when we do give them another review, it will be a 5 star. Keep it up Blackjack.

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