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    todd w.

    ReLeaf is doing so many things right, it’s impossible not to try and compare all others to them. From day 1 they have offered daily specials, discounts, and don’t charge for carry bags. The selection is always vast and with unexpected great deals on top shelf. I like going in on Mondays and taking advantage of the $5.00 off eighth specials.

    Another thing is their menu. It is robust and very straightforward about product. You can see the THC and CBD percentages right on the menu next to the current photo of the product. There’s no denying that ReLeaf feel they have nothing to hide, and when you run a website like ours, it’s quite frustrating when employees try to hide this kind of information, try to make you feel dumb for asking (Inyo), or refuse to disclose it (Essence).

    These dispensaries could learn a thing or two from ReLeaf. They need to get their menus together, and be more transparent about what it is they actually have on hand. ReLeaf is also in a great spot which you would think drive prices up but they generally are lower than Pisos although it’s been a while since we’ve checked in on them.

    From our observations here at CMLV, ReLeaf’s flower is very consistent in quality and value. If you check our charts you can also see they offer some of the most potent bud in the valley. If you haven’t checked them out, you should.

    +: Great menu that is updated regularly and very transparent about THC and CBD levels. Other places don’t disclose this info to hit you with a bait and switch, or their producy is simply sub-par

    -: The only negative thing we have to say is actually on the neighboring restaurant. ReLeaf should try to get the whole building as some people won’t go near a Subway restaurant.

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