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    Employees have terrible snobby attitudes and would rather try to sound smart than actually know what they’re talking about. When I asked a girl about their strongest strains, she said “we would laugh at you for caring about THC%” and “I don’t want to have a debauchery.” I think she meant debacle. So yeah… Menu is half baked (Blue Dream first strain on your weedmaps??? lol) I thought this would be one of the stronger dispensaries in vegas because they were one of the first, but any time I have gone inside or called I have immediately regretted it.
    Late to the party on specials and the specials they do offer are weak and prices are high for quality of bud. If you are interested in tracking high potency strains, check us out here at CannabisMarketLV.com. You can see that there’s really no reason to keep going to Inyo. There’s stronger strains at Re-Leaf and better value at Sahara Wellness both of which are right around the corner.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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