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    My name is Michael 53 year old cancer survivor – am a very new supporter of medical marijuana / Legalization and interested in learning more and especially meeting like minded individuals. I would very much like to have someone teach to / or grow for me a small personal amount.


    Big Rich

    Hey Michael if you want to learn to grow I would suggest you check out some videos on youtube and view small garden grows indoor or outdoor. Once you see something that would work for you and head down to a hydroponic store and tell them what you would like to accomplish and I am sure they can assist you from there. There are also great books on growing from guys like Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes for you to check out as well. Good luck with everything and welcome to the forums.




    Big Rich has some great advice, i would just ask a couple of questions before making any moves.

    1. Hydro or Soil?
    I prefer hydro if you have a grow room with tile it is easy to keep clean. Whenever there are spills just use towels or a mop. You just have to figure out a simple pump and timer system and you’re good to go. Some people prefer soil. Soil is messy but you don’t have to water as much. But when you do you have to do it by hand and measure run off for ph balance. To me it’s just better to keep an eye on a ph balanced reservoir.

    2. Lights.
    You need room for even a moderate sized grow. I would say at least an extra bedroom or larger bathroom. Look into scrogging to keep plants low and wide. The more light that get’s to the plant the better. Taller plants look cool, but unless there’s lights on the side or good reflectors they aren’t getting enough light.

    3. Nutrients.
    Are you cool with using the scientific stuff or are you going to be messing with worm casings and guano? This kind of piggy backs off of number 1, although there are exceptions. If I had a green house I may try organic soil with casings and guano but i’ve never been so lucky so I just grab the bottled stuff and measure everything out. Watch your ppm’s. If you’re in the city the salt content is already very high leaving only a little wiggle room with nutrients. Be sure not to go too strong at first but as your plants get bigger add a little more.

    4. Will you enjoy this? There’s nothing like trimming your own bud but make no mistake it’s at least a part time job. I use to love just hanging out in my grow room looking at my plants, trimming them, playing music for them, etc. Talking to your plants goes a long way they will demand TLC.

    5. Do you like home depot??? Seriously…Do you like Home Depot???

    Good Luck Michael, Be sure to let us know how it’s going.



    this is already 10,000 feet over my head. I dont have any grow rooms. I’m on disability so I’m home all day everyday …. that doesn’t concern me. Seriously, I’m thinking one pot, one plant, and if its more than 50 80 bucks then oh well movin on.



    based on how complicated you describe this, no, I don’t think this is doable for me….



    I didn’t mean to discourage you, look into grow boxes to start out. Check these out, once you get the hang of it you can scale up a bit. Unless you can grow a huge bush, you’re not going to harvest enough for the personal amount you mentioned earlier. But if you have a little spare time, it can be quite therapeutic. Check out this grow box i found to start out.

    Ghost Mini Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box



    if I had 300 bucks I’d buy some wax 🙂

    God Bless – wish everyone well – this isn’t the place for me.



    But what fun is there in that? You can view the dispensary menus from the link in the side menu. Send me a private message if you ever want some help with getting your grow started.

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