High potency strains, price, and location. Be on the look out for Gelato. It looks like The Grove has superior product at a better price.


High potency strains, price, and location. Many dispensaries aren’t on the board simply due to poor upkeep of their menu. If you don’t see your favorite dispensary here, tell them to hire someone and keep their menu current.


Where Locals Come First.

Nevada has recently changed it’s stance on Marijuana laws. Where once we were a “grow your own state,” now we are starting to see a shift. As of July 2017, Cannabis will be purchasable at most Las Vegas dispensaries for all U.S. citizens 21 and over.

Laws have passed allowing the sale of Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis and people have a lot of questions.

CannabisMarketLV.com aims to help people answer their questions, get help with their grow, find the dispensary that’s right for them, or help them track down the best strain in town.

Whether you are looking for lights, nutrients, care-givers, or you are a dispensary with a mid-week sale running, there is a place for you right here to buy, sell, & trade.

If you are a true smoker register as a Connoisseur and start networking with other like minded individuals. Let us know where the good green is, and who’s got the best deals in town. Hang around and watch the grass grow.

Thanks and welcome to CMLV.


Donations directly support further development of CMLV. As the site expands there may be opportunities for local reviewers as we dig into things other than flower. Thank you so much for your support.



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